Ruth Blair – 19/05/2100

Walking down the streets with cold breeze pushing against my face. It seems as if it was yesterday when had to walk to school. Its 2100 now and I am 15 years old. My name is Ruth Blair and this is my life without my family. 

What do you imagine 2100 to be like? Do you imagine flying cars or floating houses? Well, to be honest you are all wrong. Life here is horrible. In 2019 we used to spend our day in school or in an office. Now we spend days running and gathering resources for survival. Due to the carelessness of the past generations we have to surfer this cause. Littering and polluting our earth has affected us now. There is just so much gas and carbon dioxide in our atmosphere that we all can’t feed ourselves. There is not enough oxygen to live. Very minute that you speak hundreds of people die.

I am lucky to be still alive. In 2020, my family realized that this would happen. So they prepared for this moment from then onwards. They built an underground house and saved a lot of oxygen and food. They also constructed a farm and an artificial sun. I can live a thousand years and I know that I am being selfish. However, if I lend everybody my resources I will die.   

 Jackson 19/05/2040

Looking, down through the window, it seems as if the world is no bigger than my hand. I stare at it and see little houses and cars. As I was gazing at the world, I smelled something mouth-watering. Turning my head around I saw a woman with a container full of fried rice waiting for me to take it. Chewing my first bite I felt as if I was sitting with my family enjoying a tasty meal. Thinking these thoughts I began to cry. Due to the climate change my family couldn’t survive. I am jackson donald the only survivor from my family. I was sent to Australia so that I could have a better chance at living. Every moment I wondered whether or not I will survive. After several hours the plane landed. Fear rose in my body. Horrible ideas came in my mind like

“What if I can’t live on my own?”

“Will anyone help me?”

“What if I get lost?”

Getting off the plan I realized that I can’t read. As a result I just walked in a random direction. Eventually I found the exit door. As I walked outside I heard a loud bang. Leaving everything where it was I ran. I ran as fast I could…..

Ruth Blair 20/05/2100

Now that the world is on fire. There is no more news or any TV channels. No one has time. So to find what’s going out you have to leave your home. So that’s what I did. Roaming around in this demolished country, i saw little kids and families looking for food. I felt bad. The airport is the only place not destroyed and that is the only place with a library. Don’t think that weird, its 2100. As i was walking their i was so focused on my phone that I didn’t see a pole ahead of me and I clashed…

Jackson donald 20/05/2040

After running a couple of minutes I realized that it was nothing but a balloon pop. I walked all the way back to get my stuff. On the way back I noticed a young girl on the ground. Being a gentlemen i picked her up and took her to my hotel room. I think she was unconscious because she slept quite some while. In the meanwhile i watched tv and went for a drive. Do you thing i hate the most? Well, the whole world knows that if we keep up the way we live, this world will end. Knowing that, we still go ahead and ruin our world. After a couple of hours the girl woke up. Giving her a cup of tea, I asked her name.

“Ruth, ruth blair.” she replied. 

“Were am i? And how did I get here?” she enquired

“You’re in Australia and I found you on the road so I decided to bring you here.” I replied

We talked and talked for hours. Then we decided to get some fresh air. As we left the building ruth felt confused. She was acting as if she didn’t know where she was. After several hours of confusion she finally asked me what the date was. 

“20/05/2040” i answered.

“2040!”  she screamed at me. “Have I traveled back in time?” she questioned me.

After her explaining what happened I came to the realization that she had timed traveled into the past. Somehow she also suffered from climate change and always wished to stop it. I don’t know, maybe that’s why she’s here. I hope my life doesn’t turn out like that. I hope she can stop all this for once. I just hope…. 

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