‘You open the door and find a giant box. What’s in it?’

Looking down through the window, questioning myself as to why I ever agreed to moving houses. We have only been in this town for about 2 minutes and I already can tell this is going to be a disaster. 

No doubt a new house is a big deal but my parents kind of forgot to explain it in detail. When we got out of the car I couldn’t really see a house it was more of a hut. This house consisted of two bedrooms and a kitchen along with a tv room. In addition to this there was a staircase that led to a room under the hut but none of us ever dared to go down there. 

It was 6.00 am when my mum and dad shouted’ we’re leaving sweetheart, have a good day’. As you all might have experienced before, staying home alone in a new house can be really creepy. Every move you make you feel as if someone is watching you. Well, to start off nothing really creepy happened before noon. 

When the clock struck 12.00 I started hearing thumps and moving noises. At first i didn’t really pay any attention to it as i just assumed it was my imagination. Until I heard the basement door close. I quickly grabbed a spatula and started walking towards the door. Slowly opening I realized I should have bought a torch. Taking my first step down I made the loudest clicking noise. Step by step I climbed down the stairs. I noticed that this wasn’t a big room. Bumping in the walls I guided myself to the switch. As I turned the lights on, I saw a huge cabinet. I told my brain to just leave but it was too tempting to open and look at what’s inside.

Opening the cabinet I found an enormous box. Inside this box was a little box. Inside that was another little box. This kept going until I found ten more smaller boxes. On the 11th one I found a mini button on which it said do not touch. Now tell me who would not wanna touch it. As any other child I gently pushed the button. A loud bang opened a secret door in the wall. This door was quite smaller for any normal door in this house.  

Crawling my way in, I saw bright colored lights and some loud music. As I got closer and closer I started to hear chatting noises. Now they weren’t animal noises they were a mix of both human and animal. 

Standing up I saw a curtain behind which was the music and light. Peeking through I saw something you would never imagine. Monkeys with chicken legs. Letting out a huge scream I ran back. Little did I know those monkeys had little mini motor bikes that went faster than any human could. 

Grabbing my foot they dragged me into a room. They tied me up against a wall and started expecting me. Whispering into each other’s ears finally one of them came up to me and asked “who are you?”. “My name is alexander and i am 13 years old.” I replied. 

After a long meaningful conversation, they let me go. They told me that they thought I was trying to hurt them. They made me swear on my life that I would never leak their location. The moment I reached my room my  parents came back. I rushed to the lounge and pretended I was asleep. Tip toeing their way in they kissed me on the forehead and went off to do their work. 

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