The aviatrix in glasses.

She sat alone, a woman wearing dark sunglasses, with a red scarf covering her mouth. A long black trench coat went below her knees, with shiny brass buttons. She rose, dropped a few coins on the counter, and continued on her way. A person hurried to rise and went after her.

She knew she was being followed. Briskly, she walked around Airhaven, but still the stalker pushed on. Quietly, she made a turn into a dark alleyway. She bent over as if she had dropped something. A wicked-looking knife emerged from her boot. Just as the person came up behind her, she suddenly turned around, pinned them against the wall, and pushed the knife against their throat. “Who are you, and what do you want?” said the Anti-Resurrected woman. “I am a man from New London, I have news about your daughter, Wren.” The man stammered. “Take me to her, now.” Said, Hester Shaw.

They arrived in New London, and instantly she ran off the airship and into the mayor’s office. “Wren.” Cried Hester.” Wren!” Wren sat there, shocked at the sight of seeing the woman that all people had thought dead after stopping the superweapon ODIN. She had committed suicide after Wren’s dad died of heart failure. But here she was, in the flesh forcefully hugging Wren with tears rolling out of her eyes. New London’s Committee was in shock to see this woman, who many of them hated. “Hester, Mum, is it really you? I thought you were dead.” “I was, then I was resurrected by Dr. Eonone, turned into a Stalker, but she discovered a new old-tech device, one that can make Stalkers alive again.” Hester murmured. “And she used it on you.” Suddenly, a pirate harvester appeared, speeding their way to New London. They opened fire with rockets, and ironically, They started boarding New London with MagLev ships.


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