Life after lockdown and how it affected our lifestyles

Lockdown is “a situation in which people are not allowed to enter or leave a building or area freely because of an emergency” The current lockdown is due to the pandemic caused by COVID 19. One of the big reasons this virus has spread so much is because people aren’t taking this threat seriously. This affects everyone but some are affected more than others. Living at home for an indefinite amount of time doesn’t seem like a bad thing. However, if one looks at the effects, both long and short term, it’s not as great as it seemed.

Being stuck at home does give us a lot of free time, and we can put this to good use. Focusing on ourselves as we don’t always have the time to do so in our busy daily lives. This includes exercising, eating healthier or just relaxing. Since we are in our house 24/7, we can make any changes to the house we have been putting off for ages. Like painting some of the rooms or cleaning out the garage. Spending time with family is also a big plus as usually everyone is busy with their work and life. The environment has had some much needed time to relax and refresh itself from all our harmful activities. The skies and rivers have cleared up everywhere. All in all, being quarantined isn’t the worst thing possible.

However, it does keep many people from making a living. People who are just starting to make an earning or are already struggling with their bills will be the ones affected the most. This also keeps people from socializing which doesn’t seem bad at first but if don’t interact with new people we lose grow distant from one another. Students aren’t able to go to school and this can affect the older year levels greatly. Even though we have the facilities to study from home, not everyone has access to them and the whole point of going to school is so that we can study together learn from one another. Since not everyone can go to work, the economy of every country is taking a major beating. The world powers are concerned that some countries might not be able to recover from this lockdown.

Once this lockdown does come to an end, we will all take a while to get back to our normal lives. The people who lost their jobs due to this virus will look for new ones. Students with exams will be trying to study hard and catch up with any missed work. Smaller business will be reopening and making up for the loss of profit. Some countries will be trying to get their economy back up and running. One of the other key things everyone should take from this is that we humans are destroying this Earth. Just from us shutting down our factories and drastically reducing carbon emissions, our planet’s ecosystem has improved immensely. Hopefully, the world leaders will invest more in our medical field, emergency response services and in green energy sources.

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