should animals be kept in zoos or not

Have you ever been to a zoo? If yes, you know how animals are treated over there? Well for me I hate the way animals are kept in an area where they don’t have their friends and family. You all probably think that it is so cool to have the type of entertainment the zoo keepers give us. But sorry to tell you it is not. Animals are hurt when they are forced to do something. I disagree that animals should be kept in zoos.

Animals need freedom so that they have a place to grow. If they are forced to stay in a cage they will start getting sick. They need to live in the wilderness to survive. They won’t learn anything if they are stuck in an old rusty cage. They have a right to be in the jungles and forest. Many animals die in zoos because of their depression, hungriness and not being used to live their way.

Do you know that the zoo keepers in Asia throw live animals into tigers, lions, and in many other animals’ cages for entertainment? Have you ever wondered how painful it is for the parents of the animal to see all that or maybe even their children seeing that? People keep animals in zoos so that families can come and have an awesome day but how do the animals feel? Try putting yourself in their shoes to see what’s happening in their mind. Do they feel happy?

Animals such as elephants are tied with chains so they don’t escape. But again how do they feel?  They are getting so much hurt physically and mentally. When the chain is around their hands and legs they try escaping that’s what makes them get hurt physically. But getting hurt mentally means that they are being probably kept away from their kids and families. Animals get sick cause of all the pressure that is being put on them. If they do something wrong the zoo keepers hit them. How would you feel if someone would hit you every day?

Animals are being kept from growing. They are missing out on loads of things in the wilderness. They need to live in a place where they are comfortable. Not having to worry about all the whipping and hitting the zoo keepers do. Animals deserve better than this. I think that we should all do something to save animals.

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