Zoos are harmful to animals.

How do you feel sitting at home not being able to meet your friends or family? As you all know humans are social animals. Without interacting with others we would go insane. Now put yourself in the animal’s shoes. How do you think they feel when we force them to live in a cage alone with no family?

Just like humans, animals also need to be social. Keeping them away from other living beings is not only harming them physically but also mentally. Zoos are in a way prisons for animals. They can not leave or defend themselves from dangerous situations. 

Many animals die prematurely in zoos. 40% of the lion cubs die at the age of 1 month or less. Animals often are depressed, ill and hungry due to lack of space and freedom. These creatures are born to live free and not be captured in cages. 

To many of us zoos are a great asset to our entertainment. When you visit zoos you see animals jumping off branches and do some amazing tricks. What you don’t see is that these animals are torchered day and night in order to perform these tricks. These beautiful creatures are hurt and injured to an extent that they give up. They get whipped, shocked and beaten up in order for them to learn tricks. Many zookeepers feed ill animals to lions and tigers in order to get money. 

Animals just like humans don’t like to be touched, pet or poked. Therefore, animals dislike when visitors come to see them. They feel insecure and alerted. Many animals start pacing in their cages. This is a sign that they are feeling unsafe or are bored. It also resembles stress or an action for finding something whether that is a place to hide or something to play with. 

Humans debate on fairness and freedom. We always complain when we get told to do something. We call others hypocrites when they overrule us, but on the other hand we are the ones doing the same thing to these creatures. Animals don’t have the right to be treated this way. They deserve to be free and safe just like us. They deserve to live with their families and friends. 

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