Zoos are sometimes seen as necessary but not poor alternatives to a natural environment.

Zoos play a vital role in helping endangered animals, educating the newer generations and also helping the local community. However it’s important that the animals are well taken care of, the zoo isn’t just profit only and the zoos are given the sufficient funding to do so.

Zoos are extremely significant when it comes to protecting and helping the endangered species on Earth. They do so in multiple ways:

  • They have breeding programs with other zoos around the world with the intent of driving the species out of extinction.
  • An immense amount of these threatened animals don’t have proper habitats in the wild so zoos do their best to mimic those conditions.
  • Scientists and animal experts also get a chance to study these animals and try to figure out the best ways to help these majestic animals and keep them from going into extinction.

Nowadays, without zoos the younger generations would have no effective way of learning about all the different animals in the world. Zoos provide hands on activities for young kids to educate them about all the various living things in the animal kingdom and their importance in nature. It also allows them to witness and understand these magnificent creatures in person instead of reading about them or looking at their pictures.

In addition to everything zoos do, they are also a place of social gatherings and a means of local economic boost. Since zoos take care of animals that aren’t easy to find in the wild, they often act as a national attraction. They are a magnet for families, individuals and groups of friends wanting to spend their time and money in local areas.

Since zoos have to spend so much money on the particular diet each animal eats, creation and maintenance of their habitats, medical checks for them and then paying the employees that work there, they require a lot of funds. Unfortunately in recent years, their annual profit has started to decrease and some of the factors for these economic changes include, fewer visitors, increase in cost of resources and overall wage increase.

Zoos are overall a great place but that’s only the case if the animals are treated properly and are well taken care of.

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