My experience with Remote Learning/Lockdown

We all know by now, there is a global pandemic going on. Corona Virus. Because of that, most of us have started Online School but, (thankfully) it has now come to an end.

I had a love hate relationship with Remote Learning. I was so happy that we didn’t have Zoom classes, we used Google Classroom. What I did was, I just handed in my work early so that for the rest of the day I can relax, that’s what I enjoy the most. But, I still have to wake up early (8:50am). In school we would do a Podcast Study, we were the only class in 5th grade doing it. It was so much fun to do it with my classmates and teachers but it became boring. The suspense, drama, excitement of the podcast, was no more.

There was so many moments during Remote Learning where I thought, “If me and my classmates were listening to this together, we would’ve burst out laughing and we would be rolling on the floor holding our belly’s so tight that they would start aching .”

I miss having laughter attacks with my bestie over nothing. I miss coming to school waiting for her to arrive, when she finally did we would hug each other so tight that we would choke! It was so fun. But I realised that I need to spend more time with my family. When this lockdown came along, I finally started improving on the relationships with the people who I live with. Of course, every now and then we have a little argument or disagreement, maybe I’ll get into trouble but I now know how I can prevent it. I wish I realised my mistakes before.

That is all for today, I hope that you liked my post. Please give me some feedback! 🙂

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