The first week back to school!

Our school has finally begun! Online learning has finally stopped and everyone is going back to school as of this week. However, things have changed. Our school has put hand-sanitizer which we use after every session and each grade has a different timetable.

The timetables!

Our timetables have changed! Every day each grade is appointed different entry points to the school and our lessons start at different times for each grade. For example, the people in grade 8 start at 8:45 and end at 3:10. This also changes the times we are allowed to go out for our breaks. For us it used to be that recess and lunch had every student from year 5 to 9 playing at the same time. But now, only years 7 through to 9 are allowed for their break at one time.

Our sections!

Because our timetables have changed, so have the sections that we can play in. When out for our breaks we all have one section that we can play in. However, those sections switch around every three or four days so that everyone is satisfied with where they can play at some point throughout the week.


We also have changed up how we approach cleanliness. After every lesson, we get a spray of sanitizer for our hands and not only this, but we have to every single one of our books out as well as our lunch for the whole day. Do you know how irritating that is? But I understand where they’re coming from. I mean, while this pandemic is still threatening our lives today, wouldn’t it be wise to keep ourselves as safe as possible?

School is finally back and I’m very glad! But some things have changed because the school is trying to keep everyone safe and sound. They’ve dialed up the sanitization and the spaces where we can play for our own safety. But the school is still really good! I’m glad to be out of quarantine and back into something that’s as close to normal as we’re going to get.

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