My week

This week was frankly uneventful. I went to school, did some drawing and also some painting. I would say it was one of the most boring weeks I’ve had in a while, but nonetheless it was slightly eventful as well.


School hasn’t changed that much at all. We’re doing the same things that we usually do. But something that was eventfully related to school was me winning the mathematics competition again. Basically, while in remote learning, the school gave us an optional competition for mathematics. They gave us prompts and we had to use problem-solving skills to apply the solution to the concept and explain it at the same time. They held two of those competitions and I won the first one. Soon later, I got the news that I won the second one as well!

My paintings and drawings!

I wanted to paint for a while as things began to get boring so I got a canvas, some brushes, and some paint for myself to start working! I decided that I wanted to paint a person, specifically an old man because they had interesting textures in their skin which provided a unique look to the piece. It’s taken me a while to sketch and plan but I’m glad to say that I’m almost done with it! I’m really happy with the way it’s turning out so far.

This week has been relatively uneventful, but I still found a way to keep myself busy in these boring times.

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