My week.

My week was fairly eventful. We got a new car this week, I did some of my painting as well. It was much more eventful than last week and I really enjoyed it!

Our new car!

For a while, we’ve been searching for a new car as we had the old X-Trail for at least two years. We went to so many different places and car dealerships, looking for the right car. Then we came across Subaru. We first really liked the Subaru Outlander but then we set our eyes on the Subaru Forester. We realized that it had everything we wanted from the Outlander and was a bigger car in general. You see, for me, space is a big factor in how much I like a car. Being tall doesn’t help, but we found a car that has a lot of space in the back and was comfortable.

Paintings and Drawings!

I’ve finally brought my painting to the point where I can solely focus on the details. I finished all of the base colors for the clothes, the skin, and the background which leaves me with the final step of the painting process. Details. As the man is old, I think it will be a really interesting experience when it comes to the rough textures of his skin as well as the wrinkles. Making skin has always been challenging for me but I think that I now have the ability to make it a lot more realistic than before!

I really enjoyed this week and I hope all of you enjoyed your week as well!

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