Strange Times

“These times are strange..” carried on Mum. “America is full of coronavirus cases. And so is Italy, France and Germany…”
Mum was that type of person, she loved telling others information and she hated when she was wrong. She’s a pretty woman in her late 30’s and she has blonde hair with sparkling blue eyes. She also has a BIG sense of fashion. She has every coloured lipstick in town. Literally.
Mum continued to drone on “…and so is…” I took a deep sigh. “What’s wrong Liz?” Mum inquired. “I..I..” I stammered.
“I think she’s had enough dear,” said Grandpa. Yes! Grandpa had come to the rescue!! I had to admit, I felt closer to him than Mum. He was always there for me no matter what I have to say. He would always listen carefully and give good advice. I really did love him.
“I agree, Scarlett, I think all three of them have had enough.” This time it was Dad. Dad was a bald, tall, funny man in his middle 40’s. He had brown eyes and brown hair. When Dad said all three, he meant my younger sister, Charlotte, my older brother, Andrew, and me, Elizabeth. Charlotte looked like Mum, Andrew looked like Dad and I.. I was a mix. With brown locks and blue eyes, who did I look like?

“Mum, I’m bored.” Charlotte was always bored. Mum brought her everything but she’s so brainy she’s done it all. And she’s banned from her iPad because she made a “strawberry milkshake” out of ketchup.
“Okay then, I’m going shopping. Who’s coming with me? Are you coming, Charlotte?” Mum questioned although it was like a demand. For a moment the house was dead silent. “I suppose I’m coming then.” Grandpa agreed.
In a few moments, the house was silent again. “Anyone up for a game of Monopoly?” Dad asked. “Oh look! It’s time for online chats, see you in half an hour.” And Andrew was gone. “Charlotte and I are ready. Right, Charlotte?” “You bet.” By the way, I won.
When Mum and Grandpa got home, my life changed. They were both so sad when they got home.
“What’s wrong?” Dad asked constantly. But Grandpa was asleep in a room that no one was allowed to go into and Mum wouldn’t reply. But soon everyone knew what was going on.
Grandpa had coronavirus. It was obvious. No one was allowed in his room apart from Mum, he was always coughing and soon the worst part came.
One night Mum and Dad had a chat and us three were at the top of the stairs, carefully and quietly listening. We had to move!
The next morning, Mum and Dad told us what was happening, but we already knew. They told us to pack our suitcases and how it was for our own good, so we wouldn’t catch it from Grandpa. Mum and Grandpa stayed home and the rest of us stayed in the other house Mum and Dad bought for us.
At first, all we ate was McDonald’s, but soon Dad was going to the shops and buying stuff that Charlotte and I would cook. Sometimes Andrew would help too. We were almost happy in that house. Almost.
But one day Mum came home to tell us the news. The very sad news, Grandpa was in the hospital, with a critical case of coronavirus. Mum had to go soon. She said that she was going to stay by Grandpa, wearing a suit and a mask and gloves. We didn’t have any other relatives to stay by Grandpa, so Mum had to go.
A month or so later, Mum came back with tears in her eyes, her eyes weren’t sparkly anymore, they were a greyish, misty, sad blue. She didn’t need to tell us what had happened. We were all depressed. No one wanted to get out of the house and we didn’t even celebrate Charlotte’s birthday. She didn’t even ask for a big pool party with 8 clowns.
But now we all understand. Grandpa died of coronavirus, which to us, made it extra sad. It was a strange time. We are sure many more had strange times like us.

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