Icing cupcakes!!!🧁

We all love cupcakes! They are scrumptious and you can never get enough of them. Personally I prefer them more than cake, they are not too sweet. They are small so you can easily have more than one! I was watching a video on some icing techniques so I decided I wanted to try it! My Mum had some leftover cupcakes from one of her clients order so I used them.

I watched some videos on some icing techniques with different piping nozzles. Here are the results!

I used the classic, star nozzle in this one.🧁
I used 4B nozzle for this one. (By Wilton)
Here is some sort of flower, remember nobody is perfect!
Here is a bush of flowers, (also made by the star nozzle)

Hope this was sort of helpful and yes, everything on these cupcakes are edible!

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