The holidays!

The holidays have officially begun! We’re one week in and everything is going good. But the fun has just begun, we have a whole lot ahead of us and we’re going to be busier than ever before.


The process of moving has officially begun, we’ve been preparing ourselves for a while now and the hand-over date is closing in more and more. We’ve been buying furniture, deciding decorations to make our house as nice as we can to our tastes. We’ve bought a lot of stuff and are extremely close to being inside of our new house so the shopping and everything else involved with out house is making us very busy.


Because of the holidays, we’ve found ourselves with a whole lot of free time at our hands and I need a way to fill that spare time in. So I’ve been studying while we’re in the holidays. I took up a math course and have been working on my english as well. I feel that I’m improving a whole lot more in my mathematical ability. My writing ability seems to have progressed while in the holidays too.

I hope that these holidays will help me progress even further than I already have. We’ll see the final result of my work while and where I’ll be by the end of these two weeks.

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