Giggles’ daily routine

This is what Giggles looks like sleeping.

Giggles is my ginger cat, she has a daily routine that if we don’t follow, she gets a bit mad…
First we take Giggles outside in the morning (she sleeps inside) and we give her some breakfast. Some treats are usually helpful if she’s not in the mood for outside. If it’s a bit cold outside Giggles eats inside.
After a while, we give Giggles her lunch which is eaten outside. all her meals are from Coles, either from the Purr brand or Coles brand.
After around 1 hour, I give Giggles some treats or some chicken. This isn’t her dinner, it is a small snack.
Soon after, we give her dinner, which is shortly followed by treats as she is brought inside. it is illegal for cats to be outside at night, they hunt far too much Australian wildlife. That is Giggles’ daily routine.

Giggles’ birthday
Giggles’ birthday is on the 7th of July. For her birthday gift is a toy and some clothes. She is also allowed to eat very good food but unfortunately we are not able to get her a cake. We also may not be able to get her clothes but we will try. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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