The Recorder Pt 2

The Recorder packed his things. He was ready to finally escape his hell and be free. He had spent the last few days doing nothing but planning his escape and still recording. He must always record, never stop. He had his journal and was ready to leave. His aim was to get to the planet XB17, a lonesome desert planet, with minimum life and barely any sentient life, only miners. He would jump off from his place in the open space house, and he would wait years in pain to get to the planet. It would be worth it. He would finally be free of his eternal pain and misery and in a safe place where he could rest peacefully. The Recorder steeled himself, took a deep breath, and jumped. Instantly the pain hit him. It was unbearable already, but he was going to have to spend years like this, forever in pain. He waited for years there, in eternal pain. He watched the world pass by, and the planet gets ever closer. The Recorder was pained, and he watched the space ships and asteroids pass by. Suddenly, one started coming for him. He was shocked and crying, he had gotten the matter of a thousand miles just for this to happen. The asteroid hit him and he went flying off course.

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