Moving to our new house!🏘

This week we (on Tuesday) got the keys to our new house, this is how everything went!

The day we got the keys, we started moving. But first we had to do a bit of a clean up the day before that. We started off with a bunch of rubbish laying around and then we sorted out all the things we didn’t want. The thing with this house was that we had a lot of toys! You can’t imagine how many we had to throw away.

The next week we started go back and forth from our 2 houses, day and night. We made sure to buy a few big things and get them delivered to our new house (couches, fridge, etc.) so we wouldn’t have to move them. It’s only been 5 days and we are almost done with our shifting. All we have left is a few clothes and kitchen supplies.

Our house is so beautiful and pretty , I wish to create wonderful memories in this house. Thanks for reading this, bye!

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