My week: Corona and drawing

My week has been very exciting, we’ve had a number of consecutive events both nation-wide and for me personally. Corona’s made its return and I’ve begun to experiment with the art of simplism.

Corona’s return!

COVID-19 was beginning to rest off and Australia was easing on the restrictions that have been put. But suddenly, COVID-19 had begun to make numbers rise when it came to the number of cases that were diagnosed every day. So Victoria decided to go back to remote learning and gave the teachers as well as us a week to prepare for it. So our holidays have been extended! Trust me, as soon as I heard the news my happiness increased tenfold.

Simplism 🙂

I’ve decided to experiment with my art a little bit more. It fascinates hoe the mind can take a little number of lines and interpret it into a picture. It’s interesting how something so simple can be turned into a complex and interesting story. It’s also a really addicting thing to do because it is a lot harder to do than it seems.

This week has been really eventful and I was really happy this whole week. I hope the next week is like this as well!

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