what is the best way our country could reduce violence in schools?

Do you know why we celebrate anti bullying day? It’s for those kids who don’t feel safe in their environment. In Australia they are about 73% of kids who get bullied every year. Some kids think that they are popular for bullying someone but they are wrong. If they bully someone that just means they are weak and the other person is way stronger than them. 

One way to reduce violence is to have strict rules. In many schools they are not as strict rules. So students just let free and don’t listen. When teachers put down a limit the students listen because they know they’ll get in trouble. You should  respect your teachers just like you respect your parents. 

Usually at recess they are 2 teachers supervising the kids. But i think that should change because if the teacher goes to the other side of the area they are more chances of getting bullied. So I think that there should be about 4 teachers to supervise an area. This will prevent fights and any other unsafe behavior.

There should be a rewarding system for good behaviour. This would help the students to not misbehave. The reward system could be something the students want like an extra lunch time or p.e session.  

Another way to reduce violence is to be fair. If teachers pick favourites then the person who isn’t getting bullied would get in trouble instead of the other way around. No one is better than the other. Everyone should have equal rights. They should especially have a right to stand up for themselves. 

The last thing would be to have different play timings. From the preps to the grade 4 at once. Then grade 5 to grade 7. last would be grade 8 to grade 9. if we do this we would have less chances of getting bullied. In some cases kids get bullied in class. When this happens they should separate the students. 

Getting bullied is not fun either physically or mentally. The school should put a stop to this. It is not acceptable and it has also made many kids suicide.

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