What is the best way our country could reduce violence in schools?

Are you tired of seeing kids being abused, bullied, tortured or traumatized. In order for our generations to be safe have to put a stop to this. Not only will this affect our education but it may also affect our life choices. Comparing someone who has been bullied a lot to someone who has never been abused might affect how they want to live their life. Someone traumatized might not open up and may be scared all the time. Whereas someone who is safe may want to explore. 

One of the ways to reduce violence is to be fair. Equality plays an important role in this subject. Knowing that no matter what happens the school will be fair can impact our behaviour by a mile. Reducing favouritism is another key point that can help prevent fights. This is due to the fact that there is no superiority, no one is better than the other. As most of you know, teachers’ pets always get what they want and this may trigger other peers or students.

Setting boundaries for students can affect their behaviour a lot. It informs them that there will be consequences if rules are broken. Not only will this teach them discipline but it will also teach them respect and how to control their emotions. Setting limits is important for every kid’s life as it helps develop life skills. Days like anti bullying day are celebrated to remind students of the friendly environ


Organize a rewarding system. Being rewarded can help set a positive mind set. Instead of giving up you can encourage the student to have a more of a growth mindset. Teachers should help students set year goals that they work to achieve over a year. Show attention to students that need help, do not ignore them. It is scientifically proving that love and attention can help kids open up and get through tough situations. 


Improve the supervising system. Instead of having 5 teachers out at recess you could have 10. This would alarm the students and would prevent them from creating any chaos. Let students have some freedom. Teachers should try and trust some students. Instead of following them to the lockers, let them walk there themselves. This would encourage them to make healthy choices instead of mucking around. 

Talk to them

Instead of talking to them , learn to talk to them. This will help teachers understand the problem and what really is bothering the students. Teachers should not just brush off the problem they should see the problem from different angles. Ask multiple students about the issue that appeared. 

In conclusion, to improve the future generation we need to stop violence. Some of the ways to do that is to be fair and equal there should be no favoritism in school. Boundaries and consequences should be set in order to discipline the student. Organize a rewarding system, reward the student with extra recess or free time to encourage them to stay positive. Provide more supervision at lunch and recess this would prevent any chaos. If we follow each and everyone of these points I am sure we can put a stop to bullying and violence. 

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