Back to remote learning!

Once again we are back to remote learning for this term! It isn’t a bad thing if you think about it… you just have to find the good in it!

Not so long ago, I wrote a blog about “How Remote Learning has ended” and all of that. But here we are again, talking about it. I really hope that the PM doesn’t say to end the lockdown early. They can’t always open and close Australia like this. The first time we went into lockdown, we should’ve stayed in for a little longer. Or at least make it stage 2, don’t completely end it. However, people disagree and that’s okay. People are loosing jobs and money and they are going through a really tough time. But at the same time if the virus spreads really bad then more than half of the population could possibly, die!

COVID-19 is serious and a lot of people don’t understand. People are having parties and breaking the rules of social distancing, despite the fines and restrictions. I am sure a lot of you guys watch the news, but for those who don’t look at this link. It’s about the people who were breaking the rules during stage 3 lockdown. News link

Please be careful everyone! Don’t break the rules… If you are, a $26,000 fine could fall upon you! Feedback please!😊

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