How to play Marco polo

Things you will need: A blindfold and 2+ opponents.

Warning: Don’t play this game in crowded places or on rough surfaces.

How to play:

  1. Choose an opponent among all the contestants to be a tagger or ‘It’, wrap a blindfold on them.
  2. Now that you have chosen a tagger, the other contestants have to try not to get tagged or touched by the tagger. You don’t need to run, you can crawl or walk as well! Marco Polo is almost the same as tag, but with a blindfold on.


  1. All of the contestants need to stay in the area you are playing. For example, you are playing in your bedroom. You aren’t allowed to go to the living room or any where else room.
  2. The player who is ‘It’ ‘has to shout ‘Marco’ and the others shout ‘Polo’. (This can help with finding the person as you can hear where the sound is coming from and move towards it.)
  3. The person who is ‘It’ can say ‘Marco’ whenever they chose and the others have to reply otherwise they aren’t allowed to play anymore.

I hope this was helpful, play this with your friends and family. Tell me how it went!

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