A to Z machine

Once there was a boy who lived with his father in a city, just a normal city. The city was a cramped, smokey place, and it was horrible to live in. The boy’s name was Mike, he had tan skin with brown wavy hair, but that was underneath the dirt on his face. There was a lot of dirt. His mother had died in a car crash many years ago, it was a tragic accident, with many people injured and dead. His dad’s name was Chris, and Chris worked for the government. He was the prime minister’s assistant, and he was always away on business trips, which meant Mike was often left to his own devices and thoughts. Mike loved to tinker around with machines and most of all, his number 1 idea was called the “A to Z machine,” a machine that could bring any non essential item to you whenever you asked. It was almost too good to be true.

 Chris was a businessman, he did not like to muck around and he hated when people disobeyed orders of the government. 

It was Mike’s 16th birthday, you couldn’t imagine how excited he was! He could finally start his career as an inventor! Mike waited 16 years for this moment! “Here comes the A to the Z machine!” Exclaimed Mike as his father made a ‘concerned’ face. “What to what machine? No one is making machines in this house. Son, you should be proud to be a business man’s son.” Chris explained. “Dad I am proud, it’s just that… I want to do my own thing. Business is not what I want to do in life, I want to be an inventor not some lame guy who walks around in a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase. I will do whatever it takes to do what I want!” Mike grew very angry,  how could his own father not respect his dreams? This didn’t stop Mike. Whatever happened, not even his father could control what he wanted to do.

The next morning Mike woke up to a loud noise. “Beep beep beep”. Suddenly, Mike realised that it was his alarm clock. It was his first day starting his job as an inventor. He got ready and headed to the Scrap Yard near his house to get some material to work with, for his machine. On the way back he stopped at the Tool Shop. When he was home, Mike waited for his friend Zayn to come over. Zayn went to Middle School with Mike and he was pretty good at building machines and doing mechanics! He was going to teach Mike the basics about mechanics. Mike could not wait to learn how to make his dream come to life. 

Meanwhile, Chris was at the office talking to a colleague. 

 “ Anthony, I’ve been meaning to tell you something. My son came up with this marvellous idea, about an invention called the A to Z machine.” Explained Chris to his friend. “And what does it do?” Anthony asked.
“It brings you anything you want, that isn’t a necessity!” Anthony was shocked. He didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not. The next day Anthony discussed the idea with a group of people in his office. They knew that if the invention actually worked Mike would be so rich and powerful.

They decided that they wanted to purloin his idea and make it their own along with them taking the credit for it. Their plan was to let Mike make the invention and then pilfer it from him. The group conveyed the idea to the government leaders and they approved. Everyone was worried about them going to jail for plagiarism but what could a little boy do to a whole government. The boy was nothing to them, a pathetic worm. He could not do anything to an entire country and government. But that was what they thought. They had underestimated him, Mike was capable of anything. 

A few months later Mike had finally built the machine in a town far away called Calless Hills. He decided to show it to his friend. But the thing he didn’t know was that the government was following him. When Mike left the machine on the side the authority took it. Mike was devastated, he was so confused and at the same time horrified . He told his dad about it and his dad said that he would talk to them. When he went there the government accused him for stealing their idea instead of the other way around. Little did Mike know that his dad was getting paid $1M for working with the government against Mike’s plan. 6 months back Chris decided that he wanted to help his son with the machine but also get his $1M from the government. After a couple months he got caught and went to jail.

2 years later… 

Chris was finally out of jail. He wouldn’t have to stay in a dirty, dull room. It was so dirty that black grime smeared of the bars of the torturous chamber.  Mike was ecstatic. He had waited 2 years for this and finally the day had come. But the government had not been punished, in fact, no one even knew about what they had done! This made Mike disappointed. Mike tossed and turned as he lay on his bare, brown mattress on the ground. Mike’s father wasn’t able to make money during his sentence hence the mattress. Mike had to tell someone about his idea. The next morning Mike conveyed his thoughts to his father. Chris went in a rage. He started yelling, “DO YOU WANT ME TO GO TO JAIL AGAIN?? DO YOU? YOU STUPID IDIOT!” Mike went outside, he could barely restrain his tears. His father was of absolutely no use, but Mike didn’t know who else to tell.

Mike had made another copy of the A to Z machine, that the government didn’t know about. He wanted to make money off of it. He was often bullied at middle school but he did have one good friend. Zayn. He was the only person who respected Mike for who he was and what he liked. Even better, Zayn’s father, Ethan worked as a head police officer. The A to Z machine was selling quickly and the government was getting richer by the second. Mike badly needed that money, he would share it with Zayn. In fact Zayn had even started tweaking the machine, searching for errors or weak spots. He even knew how to fix the errors, something the government couldn’t do. After college Mike told Zayn what he had been thinking about. Zayn pulled Mike to his house and Zayn told Ethan. Ethan took the government to court and they paid large fines. They were flabbergasted. All of them were fired and punished. A new leader of the country was elected too!

 Mike was thrilled! The epic duo, Mike and Zayn, could make big money. Zayn was just as inspired as Mike. Mike eventually went to university, with his bestest childhood friend, Zayn. He became an inventor, at the age of 20! He was very successful and he made tons of products and big companies bought his products too! Mike was the youngest entrepreneur in the world!

This story was written by Shaherbano, Ahmed, Kanza and me (Saba). You guys did an amazing job!❤️

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