the Greek heros

by mahnoor, ahmad and zubair

“I can’t believe we’re in detention.”, said Steve as he took his seat next to Alex, Ellie, and Rob in the principal’s office. Steve was a built young man, his sporting ability outshining everyone else in the elite basketball team of their school. They all sat in silence waiting for Principal Robinson to come in and talk to them. 

Principal Robinson’s heavy footsteps could be heard from outside his office. The slender and tall figure walked into the room, his long, hooked-shaped nose scrunched up as he wiped the fog off of his glasses. “This is very unlike all of you.” he had said as he sat down in the leather seat of his. “Especially you, Alex”, he exclaimed as he turned his face to the scrawny boy sitting in the middle of the four teens. “I-I-I didn’t mean to, Rob had dragged me into this”, Alex had replied. Everybody in the class knew that Alex was the teacher’s pet, he brought them food and talked to them in his recess and lunch breaks. Rob turned his head, his curly, red hair bounced from the speed that his head had turned with. “I was trying to have a little fun, relax”. Rob was the class clown, somewhat obnoxious but his sense of humor made him well known across his grade. Ellie turned around and said, “Be quiet”, her square glasses and hairstyle made her look exactly like Velma from Scooby-Doo. 

“Don’t tell me to be quiet.”, Steve said. “I didn’t know you even existed until today”. Ellie was a quiet girl, so it was not very surprising when Steve pointed that out. “Everyone stop!”,Principal Robinson shouted. “You all were assaulting each other.”, Principal Robinson continued. “What happened?”. “It was just a prank.”, Rob had replied. “I was just making jokes and I told Alex to pass this note to Steve. Then he got beat up and I tried to intervene but couldn’t stop him.” Steve begins to add, “Then this girl,”, pointing to Ellie, “she began to hit me in the back of the head with a book”. Principal Robinson stood up, about to say something that would change the fate of the world…

“I’m assigning you all a group activity to work on your friendship with each other. You’re all going to study a book of your choice”. A burst of speech erupted in the Principal Office and Mr.Robinson shouts to silence them. “There are no excuses, you have to do this”. Suddenly a buzzing sound pierces all of their ears. “DISASTER ALERT!”, is being repeated over the speakers. They all rush to the TV and turn on the news. “Earthquake in Victoria”, said the news reporter. “This is the 7th one today”, Alex said, “There are usually only three in the district every day.”, “It’s getting worse”, Mr.Robinson replied. “But let’s not get off-topic.”, “you guys have until Monday. Now leave”. So they all got up and left quietly, their heads down in sadness.

They all go outside and talk about when they need to meet up. They decide that they would meet on Wednesday and talk about it in the library.

As Ellie searched through the library she came across a book called THE GREEK MONSTERS AND THEIR TALES. Scanning through the blurb of the book she instantly made the connection about the natural disasters that are occurring. She showed the book to the rest of the group and no one picked up on the connection except for Alex. Alex read the first page of the book. It said “soon there will be a beast to protect each god. Anyone to upset the god will lead the world in a disaster. There will be 3 monsters. Number 1 will erupt the volcano, number 2 will send earthquakes and number 3 will create cyclones.…”  Listening to this, Steve instantly wanted to investigate this further.

2 hours later, they found themselves reading the whole book. They noticed 2 pages were missing which told how to stop the monsters. Everything the book said was happening in real life. They interpreted that they have to go back in time to stop this from happening or the world would end. Alex shouted the idea of building a time machine. For building this craft they needed supplies. As they were young adults, they did not have enough money to purchase what they needed. Rob suggested that they used the household items. This was something sensible he said in a very long time. Everyone went to their homes and gathered supplies like cables, batteries, anytype of metal and computer chips. 

Spending a day or 2 they finally finished the masterpiece. Ellie was surprised as to how they actually managed to make this without getting distracted. To try if the machine actually worked, placed a go pro inside and set the year to 2017. Observing through the camera their invention worked. Jumping in excitement they realized now it was time for them to try it. One by one they stepped into the machine. At first it was a little cramped but they managed to fit in. Alex started configuring a code and warned everyone how they only have 3 days to come back or they will disintegrate. The craft wasn’t working at the start but it suddenly jumped and in moments they landed in greece. Looking at their surroundings they walked towards the colony. As they approached the villagers. Everyone gave them creepy glares and then started chasing them.

Running towards an empty field they fell into an underground tunnel. They followed the tunnel which led them to a secret passageway in the wall. Without hesitation they entered the wall. Walking for a couple hundred meters they arrived at a door that was guarded by a 3 headed dog. Steve instantly remembered that this was the volcano monster Cerberus. Rob took out his flute and started playing it. Everyone stared at him in confusion until they realized Cerberus had fallen asleep. Sneaking their way past, they made their way through the door. They found the missing paper as well as a Caduceus. Caduceus was a gold staff, the length of rob himself, had the wings of angels and two snakes intertwining. As they headed out Cerberus woke up and erupted the volcano. Sliding their way out, Rob read the pages and told Alex how to use the wand. Waving the wand Alex stomped the stick on the rumbling floor. This instantly calmed the volcano along with Cerberus. As they caught their breath, Steve read the rest of the pages to ensure there was no other information left.  

Day 2 of their journey began with Alex breaking the news about the fight in the coliseum. The only way to stop this war was by providing the wand enough energy to reach its full power; it needed to absorb the energy of the orbs which were hidden in different places. Following the map provided with the pages they reached the coliseum. Looking around the area they do not see anything. So they decide to call it a day.

Everyone woke up from a screeching noise that was being produced by the struggling monsters. Their fight had begun. As they ran away protecting themselves, Elli spotted  the first orb. Using Steve’s muscle power they launched Rob into the air to grab it. “One down, 3 to go” shouted Alex. As everybody ducked behind objects Alex spotted the next one. One by one they managed to collect all 4 orbs. “WAVE THE WAND!” screamed Steve. It was less than a second before the place was in total zen. Although this was something to be celebrated they had no time left. They needed to reach the time machine in less than 3 minutes! If they didn’t make it, they would become dust!

They all headed for the time machine with extreme exhaustion. Alex pressed the buttons to head to the future. NOTHING HAPPENED! Suddenly they realized that their bodies were beginning to crack. The time had begun. “We were all disintegrating!” shouted Steve. The monsters were heading their way even though they thought they erased their minds. They were left with nothing but a used wand. Without thinking Alex waved the wand and with whatever’s left in it, he commanded it to transport every single person to the future. 

They came back to detention where everything was normal. They all sit in silence waiting for the principle to arrive. It was like none of this ever happened. Principal Robinson’s heavy footsteps could be heard from outside his office.“You have an assignment to get to.” commanded the principal as he walked inside. Alex interrupted the principal and asked whether the disaster alert had gone off for the day. The principal responded with confusion, “What are you talking about?”. 

The teen heroes had changed the past along with the future, getting rid of all the disasters, disaster alerts and their memories about how they went to the past as well. They had forgotten everything about the trip to Greece. They were the heroes of the world but no one realised it.

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