Death upon me.

The city lights gleamed in the dark night. Frost came out of my mouth and nose as I breathed. It was cold and windy that night. My footsteps tapped against the hard concrete and echoed. It felt as if I was being watched. Walking swiftly, I finally arrived at the local supermarket. It only took me a few minutes to get what I needed. Slowly, the auto door opened to let me out of the store. Turning around, I push the trolley against the others of the others. My body turned back around and suddenly I was pulled into a corner. No one noticed me or seen me. A cold, steel, sharp blade was put to my throat. “Don’t move, not even a finger” a deep, dark voice told me. I started chewing the minty gum in my mouth rapidly, I had developed a horrible habit of doing it whenever I felt threatened or worried.

Suddenly, it felt too hard to breath as the gum choked in my throat. I started coughing, I was unable to do otherwise. I had forgotten my threat and the silver blade gripped my throat. It slowly sliced and cut open my skin. Maroon, cold, blood dripped from my neck and it it became even harder to take even a breath. My body collapsed on to the rough concrete. I was dead.

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