Getaway trip to adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia’s capital city is best known for its festivals, incredible food and premium wine regions. Visiting it can take more than 700km worth of travel. If you know where to look you can make this journey a lot more exciting. Insteading pulling out the map I have gathered some of the most breathtaking destinations for you to look at during this long drive. 

Overview : Along The Route Destinations 

Sister Rocks :

Wanna see a large number of enormous rocks? If so this is the place to see. Sister rocks are a huge group of granite boulders, measuring about three storeys high and almost completely covered in graffiti. This tourist attraction can be found in Stawell, Victoria.

White Kangaroos Wildlife Park :

You can never miss a free chance to see wild kangaroos, but not the typical brown kangaroos that we all know. The albino kangaroos are one of the main attractions of this wildlife park. Even though you can only observe these precious creatures from a far distance it is a worthwhile trip. 

Coonalpyn silo mural 

If you’re passionate about paintings and drawings this is the place to see. Nine-year-old Ciara, six-year-old Blake, five-year-old Reef, six-year-old Kiarah and five-year-old Macey are the face of this 30 metre mural. All it takes is a 2 minute stop to capture this beautiful scenery. 

Giant koala 

Even though a statue isn’t anything like a real thing, the souvenir shop, motel and cafe makes up for it. This giant koala is one of the most unique thing I have ever seen. Not only is it 14 meters tall but is also made of bronze set on top of a steel frame and weighs 12 tons.

Pink salt lake 

Lakes are always a pleasure to look at but an opportunity of seeing a pink salt lake is even better. To top it all of you can walk on this unique lake. This salt lake is located in South Australia’s Mid North between the town of Lochiel and the farming locality of Bumbunga. Not only is it a tourist site but also a great location to mine salt. 

Adelaide : Overview of attractions 


When I visited Adelaide I stayed in a hotel named Adelaide riviera. It is located in the center of the city and is relatively close to all attractions. Although it has many pros it also has cons. They made us change rooms 4 times as each room had a new problem. They had no overnight assistance and they charged you around 40$ for a car park in their resort.

Electric scooters

Talking about car parks, beware that you will not find many parking spots in the main city. You will either have to walk or park in the wilson parking or take the electric scooter. Yes I said electric scooters, you can find these things almost anywhere in the city. They charge you 15 cents per minute. Not only is it convenient but it is also a fun experience. There is no age limit to riding these things. All it takes is balance and there, you can ride it. 


Kartmania Gepps Cross is the largest indoor/outdoor karting and 2 storey, multi level laser tag complex in South Australia. Each laser tag mission costs  from 10$ to 30$. Karting missions can vary between 35$ to 110$ depending upon the number of missions you choose to play.

Botanical gardens

In a mood to see natural beauty? If so this is the place to see. This crescent-shaped Mount Lofty Botanic Garden is situated on 97 hectares on the eastern slopes of Mount Lofty in the Adelaide Hills east of Adelaide in South Australia

George wildlife park 

Zoos are always a pleasure to visit, but a zoo that lets you interact with animals is even better. George wildlife park allows you to pet koalas for free and charges 10$ to hold them for 5mins along with the 19$ entry fee. Other interactions like kangaroo, wallaby and bird feeding/touching are completely free. U can find meerkats, reptiles, peacocks, farm animals and even more. 


Handorf is Australia’s oldest German settlement set in the heart of the lush Adelaide Hills. Just outside of Adelaide City, this old fashioned village oozes Bavarian charm, with plenty of pubs, cafes, and artisan shops to enjoy.

Food/Eating places 

Adelaide is a fun and delightful place, but a fair warning there are no halal maccas. Yup that’s right adelaide has zero halal maccas, though i did find some pretty good alternatives. Kfc is available in almost every place in Adelaide and if you’re in the mood for something desi then visit the Afghan charcoal kebab house. 

Mount Gambier: Overview  


Mount gambier is a place on your way back to melbourne. It’s known for its limestone, volcanic landscape and crater lakes. A stop there is necessary, Comfort Inn is the perfect place to stay. Not only does it have great reviews but also has an amazing view of the area. 


Blue lake 

If the pink lake isn’t unique enough how about the blue one. The Blue Lake is a large, crater lake located in a dormant volcano. It is almost 500 years old and is  one of the four craters in mt gambier. 

Valley lake 

Valley lake aka green lake is located near the blue lake.This Lake is surrounded by a park situated on Davidson Drive. The shore of the lake features a children’s playground, sporting facilities, BBQs and toilets. Not only is it open 24 hours but is also a great tourist site. 


The Umpherston Sinkhole is one of the most spectacular gardens located in the Mount Gambier region. This sinkhole was once a typical limestone cave which was naturally created when the chamber’s roof collapsed. Not only can you see nature but also some wildlife. Possums and bees are 2 of the most common animals you will find there. 

Echo Farm

Listening to this area you might think it is just an ordinary farm with a bunch of animals. If so, you’re wrong. This farm allows you to explore at your own pace on a self-guided visit, feed the animals, explore the outbuildings and chat to the farmers who live on-site. You can see all animals starting from chickens to donkeys. This farm is open 7days a week at 10am. 


Some of the main food places to eat our fish and chips or gourmet india. Depending on which style of food you want you can either eat indian or fast food. Both restaurants have amazing ration and I would recommend you to visit each of these areas. 

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