road trip to southern Australia

Road trip to Southern Australia 

Are you wanting to get away from your hometown? Adelaide is a perfect getaway place to go with your family and even your friends. Trying to find places to 

see, eat, stay and even go for a desert? Let me make your work easier. I have rounded up some places to see, eat, and stay along your trip. 


Sister rocks

Trying to find a perfect rest spot on your way to Adelaide, and wanting to see a great amount of large granite boulders?Well sister rocks is a place to see. But let me warn you these rocks have been vandalized and have graffiti all over them. In my defence I wouldn’t want to waste my time at a place like that. But you might be someone who loves graffiti and likes seeing them. The sister rocks is located Western Hwy, Stawell VIC 3380


Wildlife white kangaroos 

Brown kangaroos are pretty unique but the white ones are hard to find. This is where you can find these kangaroos Bordertown SA 5268. At the place you can see the kangaroos hop away and see what they do in their daily life, and even though you can’t go inside the cage you can have a great view from the outside. 


Coonalpyn silo mural 

This is an amazing artwork made by Guido van Helten. This is in south of australia, 23-25 Poyntz Terrace, Coonalpyn SA 5265. This was made in March 2017. These murals represent 5 students from Coonalpyn Primary School. These kids will be remembered forever on these walls. 


Giant koala 

Seeing kangaroos on the side of the highway? Now the only thing that is missing are the koalas. The giant koala is 27km northwest in the grampians between Melbourne and Adelaide. The koala was finished being built in 1989. It is 14m long and weighs 12 tons. There is a cafe next to it and you can go through the stomach of the koala to see some of the wonderful animals. There is also a motel near the cafe. The cafe and the koala opens at 8am till 7pm. 


Pink salt lake 

You have probably seen a normal lake before. But have you seen a pink lake? The lake is located in  Dimboola, Victoria. There is not a specific season for the salt to devolape but it would be nice to go there in summer. One thing that really amused me was you could walk on the salt. This is a great attraction on your way to south Australia. 


Wind Farms 

The giant wings moving around and around but only if you could see it up close. Yaloak South Wind Farm has the greatest windmills, where you can go up close and have a personal view. But be warned they are lizards. This is a place you must see. 


Electric scooters 

Now that you have reached Adelaide you should probably know that it is a mountain hike to find a parking spot. That’s why in the city they have electric scooters to go around. They are 2 companies that run the business. One company is called beam and the second one is ride. If you want to ride RIDE you have to pay 25 cents per minute, If beam than 15 cents. This is a really fun activity to do and everyone can ride it above the age of 6 but mostly it depends if you can reach the handle of the scooter. 


Adelaide riviera               

There is a hotel called adelaide riviera. It is in the main city and this is its address 31-34 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000. Some of the down sides for this hotel is that the parking is expensive. You have to pay $45 to park in the back where as that is too expensive. The rooms are really clean but there can be some rooms where their air conditioning might not be working. So if you were in one of those rooms you would have to change your room. A good thing about the rooms is that they have a great view. It’s a good place to stay for your holidays. 


Afghan charcoal kebab house  

let’s move on to one of the most delicious places to eat at, afghan charcoal kebab house, 1/61 Hindley St, Adelaide SA 5000. This restaurant has asian food such as wraps, baryani, soup and many more. This is a great place to relax and have dinner or lunch. The timings are a little different so you can look at them from this link..…8.193038j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8. But remember that there aren’t many halal mcdonalds in the city. 



Hahndorf village is a small old town where there are many shops inside the houses. People still live there and it is a great place to go in autumn as the trees are orange and red or when they are blossoms. There is a shop called german village shop which has lots of different types of clocks and some old german toys. It is a great place to get a souvenir and even some house decorations. They are good prices as the material of stuff is awesome. One of the places that you have to have to go to is a dessert shop called evercream. They are 2 flavours that have the greatest taste. 1 is the chocolate dutch and the 2 is mango sorbet. The price for one ice cream was $5 which is pretty normal.  


Laser tag and go kart mania 

Another place where you have to have on your must see list is the go kart mania. At this place you can go kart as well as have fun in the dark playing laser tag. The prices for the lazer tag are on this link as well as the other stuff This is a great and fun place to go too. 


Gorge wildlife park 

Have you ever held a koala? This is an opportunity you must take. Holding those fluffy soft animals is so relaxing. You can hold the koalas for 5 minutes for $10 per person. The entry fee is $19 for adults and $12 for children. There are many other fun things to see and explore. One of the things that no one can do anywhere out in the wild is going up close to the kangaroos and feeding them. This is somewhere you must go. Even though it is a little expensive you should take the risk, your money will not go to waste.


Comfort inn motel 

This is a motel where they give you the most amazing experiences in the time you are there. This motel also has a pool, gym and a spa. But check the website to see if it is open at the time you are there. The price for one night is $135 but feel free to check out more on this website.


Blue lake 

Now that you have seen a pink lake it’s time you see a blue one. This lake turns blue in summers only but otherwise it is grey. It is a beautiful thing to see and take pictures with. But remember to go on a sunny day to have the perfect picture. There is also a pump at the side of the lake as you can see in the picture. The pump has a red roof. But sometimes it is closed so you might not get a chance to go down there. 

Mount Gambier, South Australia


Valley lake 

This is a green lake which looks wonderful. It is a place where you can go fishing and go for a boat ride. There is a tower on the top of a hill where you can see an amazing view of the blue lake and the valley lake. But remember to wear your casual shoes as it will be a bit of a hike. But it is worth it. 


Echo farm 

This is a farm where you can feed animals such as goats, donkeys, bauflows, cows and many more. There is also a souvenir shop where you could buy some things to remember how great of a place it is. There is also a chicken race where you can get onto either small bikes or extended legs. You won’t see kangaroos but you could see wallabees.


Gourmet india 

Gourmet India has delicious foods especially their palak paneer and dal makhni. This is in 99 Commercial St E, Mount Gambier SA 5290. You should go to this place to eat one of the most amazing foods and even if you haven’t ever eaten something like this it would be an great opportunity to try. The opening timings and the menu will be on this link…..



Hearing the word sink hole you might think it is full of water or something like that. Well it is not. At this place it is a deep ground where there are plants and flowers and even possums. But remember DO NOT FEED THEM, UNLESS YOU HAVE THE RIGHT FOOD. Surprisingly they are only 2 long trees in the hole. There are also many bee hives so be careful. Great place to take pictures. 

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